Heritage Bronze allows you to purchase a bronze artwork from our various artists that we provide services for. Below are a few of the artists we represent. We have attached a gallery of their work so that you may view thier extraordinary talent. If you are interested in purchasing one of their pieces, just contact us at E. R. Metals Inc., (760) 244-5316 or hbi@mscomm.com. We offer paypal payment options as a convenience to our customers and we will handle all the shipping.



Mehl Lawson

Mehl Lawson is a leading artist of western or cowboy art. He is an active member of The Cowboy Artist of America, a group of artists dedicated to preserving in art the cowboy life style. Before sculpting the horse and cowboy art works he was well known as a horse trainer.  Mehl and his family make their home in Bonita California.  Where you can always find him creating new pieces through out the year.  Mehl Lawson is an artist in three mediums – sculpture, braiding and horses. He is an heir to the proud vaquero tradition of Old California—a dedicated disciple of the refined, subtle elegance of the Santa Barbara style that inspired the creative spirits of such men as Ed Borein and Luis Ortega. There is the same kind of magic in the hands that shape the sculptor’s clay as there is in the hands that hold the reins of a spade-bit horse. Mehl is accomplished in both venues and brings to each a concentrated focus that produces horseback memories and sculptural images of pure grace and beauty. See Mehl's article in American Cowboy Magazine!  http://stephenelee.com/pages/biography.


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Terry Chacon

Terry captures the beauty and spirit of her subjects with flowing lines and whimsical abandon.  Terry is from Redlands, California and a national award-winning artist.  Terry's artwork is in private collections in  over 20 countries.  She continues to sculpt in ceramic and bronze, designs jewelry in precious metal and paints commission pet portraits in her studio.  As a breeder of top winning Afghan Hounds for over 40 years, her dogs  have been her inspiration in her paintings and her sculptures.  She interjects whimsical qualities in her artwork, capturing the spirit and the almost human like qualities of her animals in real life situations. To learn more about this talented artist and her work, please visit her website www.terrydchacon.com.


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Stephen Lee

This talented artist sculpts for bronze art pieces. Stephen was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, into a family with roots deep in the Southwest. He was exposed to ranch life as a child and began working as a ranch cowboy as a young man. Stephen’s introduction to metalworking began with the need to shoe his own horses. Working in front of an anvil developed into a career in ornamental ironwork. In turn, a desire for greater artistic expression led Stephen to explore sculpting. He also creates beautifully crafted architectural pieces in metal under the title of Walking Hat Forge. His sculpture depicts contemporary cowboy life. www.stephenelee.com/gallery/sculpture.


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Errol Gordon

The artist’s responsibility is to create works which evoke an emotional and intellectual response from observations. It is not the responsibility of an artist to please or impress every observer. Instead it is the responsibility of the artist to create their best attempt at projecting what they see and feel. Once that occurs, the artist’s job is complete. No artist is able to compete with nature– it is futile to try. The most an artist can be expected to do is to give a good expression. This describes the way I approach sculpture and painting. My satisfaction comes from the work and effort. Although there is an added benefit to know that others may enjoy one of my paintings or sculpture, art is like politics– there are divergent views. As a result, I do not become discouraged by criticism. Instead, I take criticism for what it is worth, and I use it as energy to make my work better. In sculpture, it is my intent to create a sense of movement and feeling unique to the subject. The human form and the movements of a horse, especially when combined, present a unique opportunity to create a sense of “there.” It is also an opportunity to express the strength and beauty of nature. Although being an artist is often considered a vocation, to me, it is a passion.




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Bill Limebrook

Artist and veteran surfer Bill Limebrook is working on his first of ten sculptures for the plaza, all featuring iconic surfers from Dana Point. First up is Phil Edwards; his scale model is shown above. The surf community is a notoriously tight-knit group, and in South Orange County, it’s even tighter. In developing the sculpture for Edwards, artist Limebrook was able to take his prototype sculpture to legendary surfer Mickey Munoz, who gave a critique on the shape of Edwards’ board. Subsequently, Limebrook found that his neighbor, Jim Gardner, has a numbered “Phil Edwards Model Hobie Surfboard” from the mid-sixties, and Limebrook was able to use that board as a reference to make final adjustments on the ¼ scale model. Says Limebrook, “My neighbor is the original owner of the Phil Edwards model surfboard – his parents bought it for him when he was in high school. Amazing! The board has been under his house for decades, and it’s in pretty nice condition! I’ll be able to use it for a sand casting of the board for the life-size.” This park will be an incredible tribute to the surf history of Dana Point, and we know it will be a treasure for the city and residents of South Cove for years to come.




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Bob Fairbanks