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Monumental size casting

The Japanese Fishermen Memorial by artist Henry Alverez,
located on Terminal Island in Long Beach Harbor, Long Beach, CA.






Heritage Bronze allows you to purchase a bronze artwork as a Public Historical Monuments Browse through the artists work below. Below are a few of the artists we represent. We have attached a larger view of each piece so that you may view thier extraordinary talent. If you are interested in purchasing one of their pieces, just contact us at Heritage Bronze, (760) 244-5316 or hbi@mscomm.com. We offer paypal payment options as a convenience to our customers and we will handle all the shipping. Click on the picture for a larger view of each monument.





Marine Corps Monument

by Bill Limebrook

The Board of The Heritage of San Clemente Foundation has commissioned a 6-foot, 8-inch bronze sculpture of a saluting U.S. Marine to honor that branch of the US Military.  Pictured here is the model for the Marine Corps Monument to be installed in San Clemente, California.  This beautiful sculpture is by artist Bill LImebrook of Lake Elsinore, California. Dedication Date: November 12, 2005. For more information about this important project visit the following website: Marine Monument.com.

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Firemen Memorial Fountain

by Mark Martensen

The City of Chula Vista California commissioned artist Mark Martensen to sculpt a memorial fountain for the new Chula Vista Fire Station #7 at Otey Ranch. The bronze is of two life size firemen in full turnout gear after fighting a fire. This fountain, along with the entire Fire Station, is built in honor of all fire fighters and especially those heroes of 9/11.  In this way they will not be forgotten. To learn more about Mark’s work visit his web site at

 Mark Martensen Western Art.

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Fishing Industry Memorial

by Henry Alverez

This heroic statue is the Fishing Industry Memorial in San Pedro, California. The sculptor is Henry Alvarez of Alvarez Wax Models in Long Beach California. Henry sculpts and creates a vast verity of pieces for the movie industry and commission work. To learn more about Alvarez Wax Models visit his web site at

Alverez Wax Models


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POW- MIA Memorial

by Lee Millett

The POW - MIA Memorial is a commissioned work by Lee Millett of Idyllwild, California. Commissioned by The Riverside Cemetery Support Committee to be placed at the Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside California. Riverside National Cemetery. Lee comes from a family with a long heroic history in the military. His knowledge of history and the US Military  comes through in all of his sculptures. Lee is currently working on a commission for the City Of Hemet. This sculpture was completed in 2005.


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High Desert Princess

by Mehl Lawson

The life size statue of High Desert Princess was enlarged from a 1/3 life size statue by artist Mehl Lawson for the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth Texas. The modern day cowgirl standing by her Quarter Horse now stands at the beautiful location in the front of the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.


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